Hello Lonely Hearts.

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Hi, My Name is Charlie Willow. Lets Chat!

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Welcome Lonely Hearts.

Do you feel like you are missing female conversation?  Or do you want to feel like there is someone who takes a real interest in your life?  To tell you that you are important and praises you.  I am here to listen to what you have to say, praise you and give you compliments. 


Lonely Hearts was created to fill a void to those who are lonely and do not have anyone to talk to about their day. So, relax and put your feet up and tell me about your day!

If you are missing female companionship in your life, click on the Let's Chat button.

Hello Lonely Hearts.

My name is Charlie Willow.

I have been connecting with people on the internet for over ten years.  So many people have no one to talk to or they feel their families are too busy to listen or will judge them.  My business is an online chat site which has grown especially during COVID.  My business has grown so much that it shows just how many people who are lonely and who just want a connection and to have no judgement. 


My clients range from mid 20's to my oldest at 96 years old! Everyone should be made to feel appreciated and special.  This is a safe no video or photo exchange online chat site. 


Lets get back to how it use to be where we just talked to each other. I am available to chat online. Read some of my testimonials below.

Image by Ricky  Kharawala

Matt, NY

I always love contacting Charlie.  She has so much understanding and empathy. Chatting with Charlie has really helped my mental health.

David, CA

I can't express how much I feel a connection on a variety of topics with Charlie. At the end of the my day, it is great having someone I can chat to. Charlie is always interested about my day.

John, SYD

I use to feel lonely coming home to an empty home.  I know that I can contact Charlie to have a conversation about my day.